My presentations highlight local themes and include personal testimony, anecdotes and stories. Use is made of archeology, contemporary and modern images, maps, photographs, artefacts and memoirs. EACH PRESENTATION IS AVAILABLE VIA ZOOM!

The cost of each presentation is £70, travel expenses included within 100 miles of Buckingham.

I provide biographical information, a relevent image and details about each presentation.

Above all, I look to make the presentations enjoyable and interesting, taking into account the audience to whom I'm talking!

First World War Presentations

'Five RAF Indian Pilots of the Great War'

'Hardit Singh Malik - The Flying Sikh'

The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry on the Somme 1916'

'Oxfordshire on the Home Front 1914-18'

‘Armistice 1918 and After: Some Local Perspectives’

'The Indian Army during the First World War: An Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry Perspective’

'Nobody's Heroes: 8th East Lancs at War 1914-18'

Second World War Presentations

'Oxfordshire  in the Second World War'

British Civil War Presentations

‘The Battle of Cropredy Bridge and the Oxford Campaign 1644'

'Soldiers, Saints and Sinners: Oxfordshire Characters from the British Civil War 1642-6’

‘The City of Oxford during the Civil War 1642-46’

'The Battle of Edgehill 1642'

'The Battle of Naseby 1645'

'Buckinghamshire in the Civil War 1642-6'

‘Oxfordshire’s Military Heritage - 43AD to the present day’

'Oxfordshire in the British Civil Wars 1642-51'

New presentations:

‘Oxfordshire during the Second World War’

In time to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Oxf and Bucks Light Infantry attack on Pegasus Bridge during D-Day in 1944, this fully illustrated talk looks at the impact on, and connections to Oxfordshire during the Second World War. The talk evaluates the ‘home front’ and also significant events in which Oxfordshire people involved abroad. Amongst many other things, it touches on evacuation, POWs, airfields, refugees, everyday life, rationing, war work, as well as the evacuation of Dunkirk, Arnhem and the Liberation of Bergen Belsen.

‘Soldiers, Saints and Sinners: Oxfordshire Characters from the British Civil War 1642-6’

Oxfordshire played a significant part in the First Civil War – Oxford became the Royalist capital in late 1642 and the county was on the frontline with parliamentary Buckinghamshire. This participation has left a legacy of wonderful stories and fascinating characters, many associated with local Oxfordshire communities. The talk is fully illustrated, is replete with anecdotes, character studies and tales of daring do!

‘Five RAF Indian Pilots of the Great War'

In November 1916, the Royal Flying Corps began an experiment to recruit for the first time, Indians resident in Britain. Prior to that, men such as these were unable to enlist owing to a 'colour-bar'. Why was there a change of policy and what would be the experiences of these five men? The presentation is fully illustrated and includes both audio and video clips.